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Meet Gaby Ohanission


“to maintain your peace of mind, you don’t interact with anyone”

According to Gaby a neighbor is a person, as they say, that comes before your own home, “if anything happens to you your neighbor is the first person that comes to your help.” He Live in Zalka, but has been working in Bourj Hammoud for the last sixty years, and his favorite thing about it is that in Bourj Hammoud you can find anything you’re looking for. Gaby owns a ladder, but wouldn’t lend it to any of his neighbors fearing it will get lost, and likes to listen to the news first thing in the morning and before he sleeps at night.

"تضل مرتاح ما بتعاطى مع حدا"

بالنسبة لغابي الجار هوي, مثل ما بيقولوا, قبل الدار, اذا بيصرلك شي, جارك بيركض تيساعدك. هوي ساكن بالزلقا بس صارلوا ستين سنة فاتح محل ببرج حمود, وبالنسبة الو أحلى شي ببرج حمود انو بتلاقي فيها كل شي. غابي عنده سلم بس ما بيعيره لجاره لأن "الشي البيروح ما بيرجع", وبحب يسمع الأخبار أول ما يفيق وقبل ما ينام.

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