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Jarak wins “Hack the City” Hackathon

   Smart ESA organized a three day hackathon where 50 participants were chosen to find solutions for the many problems of the city. Out of the various themes presented at the Hackathon, Jarak team chose “People” as the main theme to work on. After 54 intensive hours and with the help of Beirut Municipality and mentors provided by Smart ESA, Jarak team was able to present an idea to showcase the importance of neighbors and community bonds in today’s cities, especially in Beirut.

   Jarak was built as a response to the social issues facing cities nowadays, where there is a lot of diverse neighborhoods, containing a mixed social fabric differing in age, nationality, gender, and social classes without any real social interaction. Even though there are many social platforms that aim to link people, none of them actually enhance the day-to-day social interactions. Jarak aims to connect people living in the same neighborhood, in order to create an interactive community, fostering a sense of belonging and empowering local businesses, while creating a safe environment for everyone to live in.

   After jury deliberation, Jarak won the first prize and was invited to develop the concept with Smart ESA incubator.

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